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I do hope that you don't mind me "picking your brains", so to speak, but I should be very much obliged if you would pass on the attached image to any of the members of your Network who might know something about the label shown


To explain; I collect Political / Propaganda / Commemorative labels from both the World Wars, and I like to write them up in as much detail as I can, such as which organisation produced them, and when--in this instance I assume late 1945 / early 1946, but I would like to know exactly when.


I first tried the Imperial War Museum, and then a number of Northern Ireland Philatelic Societies/Clubs, but none have been able to assist, so, given the postmark, perhaps it is a local production, hence my query to you.


Hopefully, your Network can assist, and I look forward to hearing from you in due course, meantime, I thank you in advance for looking into the matter for me.

Mike Ellis












Todderstaffe Hall -  the Story of an English farm 1332 to 2015

The dramatic story of the author’s childhood home, a Fylde farm called  Todderstaffe, first mentioned in 1332, it was part of the ancient manor of Staining.  In 1296 it was given to Whalley Abbey.  In 1853 Thomas Miller added it to his Manor of Singleton. Thomas Smith became a tenant in 1924 and his descendant purchased the farm in 1966.

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